Saturday, September 18, 2010

Many Updates!

A lot has happened since I last posted!  I started this blog totally gung ho about it, and then got busy for once and just stopped.  Hah.  So here are my updates, in order by category:

I got a job, hooray!  I'm a bartender/waitress in the bar of a nice restaurant in town.  It's one of the two "fancy" restaurants we have, although after working there I realize it's really not that fancy.  I can only imagine what goes on in less fancy places.  Eek.

I've never had a food industry/service industry job before, so it's a lot to get used to.  I'm also not very familiar with alcohol, so I pretty much started out at ground zero.  I think I've mastered the art of the basic martini (did you know that the sign of a good martini is that there are tiny ice shavings floating on the top?  They get there if you shake it thoroughly enough.)  A big part of this job (which I didn't realize when I got it) is waitressing.  People are allowed to eat in the bar part of the restaurant, so I'm serving up bread/food/preparing desserts just like the rest of the waitstaff.  Not ideal.  But the bar isn't that busy in this small town, so I guess it makes sense to have me waitress too.

By the way, sometimes I get free soup from work <3.

Still at my parents house.  Now that I'm working, though, I can start paying back my parents the money they lent me, and save up for an apartment.

My boyfriend and I are thinking of living together!  I've always suggested it as something to do eventually, but he surprised me by actually being into it now!  He needs to save up money, too, and we still have to talk about it more, to make sure its the right thing for us, but it looks like it might happen in a month or two!

I've talked with one of the best friends, J, about it, who has lived with her bf for the last 6 months or so.  She said the relationship is completely different than how it was before - not in a good or bad way, per se.  There were difficulties like dish washing schedules, etc, but now I think they're doing well.

My bf and I have been dating for over 4 years now, and we've been the happiest in the last year.  So things would seem as though it'd be a good choice to live together.  But it's scary, because what if it makes us break up?  But what we've decided, I think, is that if living together (ie getting closer) will break us up, then that's what's meant to be and it'll happen whether we live together now or wait another year.  And the only thing, therefore, that would prevent us from living together, is the fear of finding out that we're actually not that compatible.

So let's do it, I say! :)

I have stopped using my food diary.  Lol.  That lasted about a week.  I've also stopped working out.


The reason I have stopped those things is because I am bartending/waitressing now, and so I'm on my feet and moving around getting exercise that way.

But what I've been tending to do, which is really bad, is eat unhealthily when I get home (which is typically around midnight).  I'm talking cereal, pizza bread, and any other bread-product we might have in the fridge.  Sandwiches.  With chips.  And vegetables, too, sure.  But not nearly enough to make all those carbs okay.

Will work on improving this.  I promise.

My friend J, mentioned above, and I went to a yoga class the other day.  It was great!  It was hatha, but had some flow elements to it, too.  When it was over, I was SO TIRED.  Like exhausted.  I've never experienced that from doing yoga before.

The yoga I usually do is from YOGAmazing podcasts (check them out here - I love them!!!)  They're available free on iTunes, and they're all absolutely fabulous.  The teacher, Chaz, is great - really helpful and funny, too.  Most classes are 30 minutes.

But with all of those, it's me by myself in my room.  Last week was the first time I had ever been to a real live class.  Maybe that's why I was so tired?  Maybe I'm just more tired than I normally am?  I don't know.  But something about that class made me want to just stay in Shivasana and never leave.  It'll be interesting to see what happens next time I go.  But before we go to that class again, we might try a spin class, offered at the same studio.  I'll keep you posted either way.

How do you guys feel after a yoga class?