Monday, August 30, 2010

Job Hunting

I haven't had too many jobs in my life.  My dad didn't want me to work when I was still in high school because he thought that I was too young to have to do that - which I think is cool.  Some parents make their kids work and pay for their own times going out and shopping.  I was lucky in that my dad paid for my fun.  Although, as I mentioned in my introductory post, I've always been stingy with money, so I guess it wasn't that much of a burden for him to pay for me.

My first real job was at Express (the clothing store in the mall).  I loved it!  I love clothes and I loved the well-lit, clean environment with the music going and people my age near by.  I've always heard that retail is like the worst possible job, but I don't know - I really enjoyed it!  I left that job because I moved.  But I've always wanted to go back to retail!

Over summer I had a job that was so silly I'm not even going to get into it.  But lately I've been looking around for something else.  In a small town, there aren't too many options available (that I could actually see myself doing, anyway.)  There's jobs where I'd need a commercial license and jobs where I'd need prior electrical experience... but nothing that fits.  The other thing is that it's all either in the papers or by word of mouth - no one puts ads online!  One thing that I would love about living in a big city is to be able to not only job hunt, but apartment hunt online!  We're so behind the times here...

Anyway - a month or two ago I dropped off my resume at a children's clothing and toy store in town.  They weren't hiring at the time, but a few weeks ago they called me saying they would be hiring soon!  It sounds perfect for me - a nice environment as described above, and friendly moms and kids coming in.  Plus the store is clean and well-lit!  Yay!  The only downside is that it's only part time.

I'm currently living with my parents.  Which is a whole other story in itself.  Half my stuff from my apartment is in our basement and the other half is in my bedroom, all still in boxes.  I literally jump over things to get around in here.  Not ideal.  The plan was to move home, save up a bunch of money over summer, and then move out and not have to live month-to-month (which I found out the hard way is quite stressful.)

Stuff.  Costs.  Money.  A lot of money.  And I don't even go out that much or buy "frivolous luxuries" like coffee or cigarettes or cocktails or even gum.  I can't even imagine what my bank account would look like if I had daily expenses like that.  Having to pay for things myself has definitely been a wake up call from the real world.

So I need a full time job so that I can afford an apartment.  I've never had a full time job before, because I've always been in school (and had student loans to help pay rent.)  So it will definitely be a different experience.

I applied at a restaurant's bar, but they found someone else, who had experience.  I've never bar tended before, and I don't know much about alcohol, quite frankly.  Not so much my thing.  But I've always thought it'd be cool (and a great party skill!) to know how to make drinks.  It would been nice to work there part time and at the kids' store part time, though, because I'd make as much as with one full time job.

A week ago, I put in my resume with an accounting firm, as they're hiring an office admin.  I'd enjoy that job because not only do I actually have some qualifications for that position, but its again in a nice, clean, will-lit environment.  But I haven't heard back yet.  This morning I went in to check up on it, and was told that my resume is "still in review" and that I'll hear something in a week or two.

Businesses are so slow.  Maybe it's just small town businesses.  But I've applied to places before and was told I'd get a call and never did.  Not good business practices, if you ask me.

It's frustrating to wait.

Oh well.

Has anyone else experienced businesses being slow with getting back to you?  Or not calling you at all?


Kelly said...

Hannah, you are not alone. It's totally the economy. I have a job right now, but have been looking for something closer to Charlotte where I live since March. I'm highly qualified for every job I've applied and I have my Master's, BUT I've only been on two interviews since March! It's frustrating, to say the least, but you gotta keep trying. From what I've heard, businesses are so over-ran with applications, they can't get back to everyone who applies. Best of luck to you. I hope it is at least a bit encouraging to know you're not along in all this.

What Now, Hannah? said...

Hi Kelly!

Thanks so much for your comment! That's crazy you've been looking since March. I hope you find something closer to Charlotte soon! Good point about places being overwhelmed with applications - that wouldn't surprise me. I actually just recently got a job as a bartender, but that's only two nights a week so I'm still looking for a second part time job. It is encouraging though to know I'm not alone! Thanks! <3